February 14, 2017 Fundraiser at The Palisades - Big Success

The Palisades Restaurant hosted a fundraiser for Giles Animal Rescue on February 15, 2017, to help us defray costs of caring for a charming but medically needy miniature Schnauzer named Duchess. Our dedicated foster volunteer, Alesha, worked very hard to get her rampant diabetes under control with twice a day insulin shots and a special (and expensive) diet to help her thrive as she was very underweight. She is also partially blind and had bad teeth and was middle-aged, and notably had a gigantic bladder stone. All these issues were taken care of, and best of all, Duchess was adopted by a woman with a soft heart, and thankfully with the know-how to care for a diabetic dog.  Thanks to everyone who turned out and made the evening an enjoyable success.